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Lulus jeans ℅ / Choies sweater ℅ (similar) / black pumps (similar) / Chanel bag (similar)

A semi-casual look for today. These high waisted jeans are so versatile, because I can wear them with a normal shirt, and you can't tell they are high waisted, and I can also rock them with cropped tops, like this sweater. In my opinion, distressed jeans are the only type of jeans, and I'm lucky I don't abide by any type of anti-rips dress code! :) 


  1. what a chic sweater! it's absolutely gorgeous
    ladies in navy

  2. Hello tiny lady! Looks like cross fit is paying off! Love this sweater - would look so cute with a skate skirt too!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. Ha, I wish we had a dress code that allowed jeans! You look perfect.


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