Fringe Benefit

dittos jeans / celine sunglasses/ posch boutique top / balenciaga boots

Happy Thanksgiving! Last Thanksgiving I was on the prettiest horse farm, and this year I will be home celebrating with close friends whose family is also away. Since being on my own in South Florida, Thansgiving is the holiday I spend here without my family and theres always a certain melancholy attached to it, but I try to be positive and thankful for the love around me from my non-related family! 

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Burgundy set / just fab shoes / 
Monochromatic looks are a catch 22 for me. With grey, I can do head to toe and not feel like a blob. However, with a color this dark, I tried doing the same color shoe or lip and it was dark and too much of one thing..black, white and grey are so far the only colors I've found to work in a very monochromatic manner.
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PANTS / SWEATER  / Christian Louboutin Shoes
As I was on a buying trip for Posch, I noticed these leggings and got distracted from everything else. Buying is part of my job that has made me a more disciplined person, as no matter how much I can personally be drawn to something, I have to only keep the client's demographic in mind. Sometimes though, like with these leggings, I put that ethic aside and clung on to them. 

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Posch boutique dress
Feeling like a Christmas mermaid in this dress..so excited Christmas is upon us!!
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